All the “magic” is happening in our workshop equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, giving “life” to your furniture as we know best.

“She” is organized, well-thought out, impeccable. The raw material is shaped by “Eclipse”. No corner escapes “unharmed” from this one. Our machine cuts any contour. Unique in its own way, dresses up straight, curved, concave and convex shapes.

Let’s say that our drawers are already cut, good enough to put together, but not before using the drill, a must for the production of custom furniture, pal, mdf and not only. Drilling, drilling, bending, profiling and drilling again.

Hocus pocus and we’re almost finished! We still throw a little magic dust mixed with skill and craftmanship and this is how we finish every project in our well-equipped and clean workshop.

Maybe after we finish your kitchen, you’ll come back with an idea for the tree in front of your house. It seems like it’s missing a bird’s house.