Ship Commander

Italiano-Belgian with business in Romania. Why?

– I always wanted to work abroad. The company where I started working was headquartered in Italy and offices in several countries, including Switzerland, USA, Poland and Romania. Since I hired myself, I have always asked to do experience abroad in different countries. We started in Switzerland (1 year), then we arrived in Poland (one year) and then in Romania. Most likely, when I arrived in Romania, I already had the experience and maturity that allowed me to open my eyes and start my business. I mean, at that time, I would have started a business wherever I was, and it happened to be in Romania. Or Romania, gave me the whisper to do something for me.

You have bought a new home and you have to fill it with furniture. What do you need to consider before deciding to make custom-made furniture?

– In principle, I would not buy a new home without making sure before where the furniture pieces fit in every room. I mean, I would not buy an apartment without imagining how it will be furnished. Besides, before making the decision to make my furniture, I try to think about how long I think I’m going to live in that apartment. If the answer is to set myself there for a longer period, then I would certainly go 100% on custom-made furniture; if somehow I know it will be a temporary home or the apartment is not big enough, if I have children, or maybe I know that in maximum 5 years I want to move to another apartment, city or country, then it is possible to buy a few pieces of furniture from the store. But where I will not give up on custom-made furniture, is the kitchen.

If you had the power to prevent a historical event, along with its implications, what would it be? (no matter what time or area of ​​the world)

– The assassination of J.F.Kennedy, because I was always fascinated by the inaugural speech for which he became famous and especially for the sentence: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. “I think he would have been one of the best presidents of the USA.